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2020 NZQA Updates

Tutorials, Workshops and Drop-ins
Tutorials, Workshops And Drop Ins  Memo To Parents And Students (1)

Student Guide Senior Assessment Week
Fri October 14 to Wed October 21 2020

Student Study Guide

September Break Workshops
First Week of Break 28/09 to 02/10

September Break Workshops 2020


Assessment Week October 14 - 21

Preliminary school  exams  for Year 11, 12 and 13 students begin on the Wednesday of the first week of Term 4.

Over the following week all Year 11-13 students start each day with an assessment or examination at 8:40 am. This means senior students need to be at school by 8:40 a.m. on both Wednesdays also. Juniors start at the later Wednesday time.

These important practice exams are an integral part of senior students' learning and preparation for the external examinations held in November. They may also be used as the basis for a Derived Grade should a student be sick during externals or if elevated Covid levels result in external NCEA exams being cancelled.

As we tell students at school, 'Achievement is not down to innate brilliance. It comes from planning, preparation and perseverance'.

The  Student Study Guide is a resource for your child to plan exam revision. Thank you for looking through this guide with your son or daughter.

The details of how the week runs and what students need to know are also in the guide.


Further changes to NCEA for students in Auckland

The government has made additional changes to NCEA for students in Auckland, to recognise the 13 days of classroom time lost during the recent Alert Level 3 lockdown. These changes will help ensure you have a fair opportunity to achieve NCEA this year.

Extra Learning Recognition credits
Learning Recognition (LR) credits were introduced this year to recognise the classroom time lost during the nationwide lockdown earlier this year. Extra LR credits are now available to students in Auckland because of the additional COVID disruption in August.

Changes to earning rate and LR credit maximums 

NCEA Level

LR credit maximum

LR credit earning rate

Total number of credits required from assessment


Up to 16 LR credits

1 for 4 credits achieved



Up to 12 LR credits

1 for 4 credits achieved

68 (48 + 20 from another level)


Up to 12 LR credits

1 for 4 credits achieved

68 (48 + 20 from level 2 or higher

These changes apply to all the credits you achieve in 2020, including credits earned before the recent lockdown, and cover internal assessment, exams and portfolios.

Changes to certificate endorsements
Instead of 46 credits, you will now need 44 credits to earn Merit or Excellence Certificate Endorsements.

Support for students
Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (Te Kura) will offer extra places in their Summer School in 2020. Talk to your school if you are interested.
If you need extra help to achieve your NCEA goals this year, or have stopped attending school during lockdown, extra places will be available in programmes led by Te Kura (the Correspondence School) from Term 4.

Preparing students for success
If another COVID-19 disruption prevents you from sitting end-of-year examinations, there are steps in place to ensure you can still receive a grade. Your teachers have been gathering assessment evidence from the course work you have been doing that shows whether you have met the requirements of the standard.

Changes to University Entrance (UE) were announced in June, meaning students need to achieve 12 credits, rather than 14 credits, in each of 3 University Entrance Approved Subjects. There are no extra changes to UE, but universities and other tertiary education providers are also taking the unique circumstances of 2020 into account in their discretionary entry requirements for 2021.