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Meet new friends, enjoy your passions or discover a new interest with our range of clubs and groups.

                    Chess ClubChessCome learn, play, practice, or compete in chess. All people, all levels welcome. Don’t know how to play? We’ll teach you!
Where: E2 for social chess. B5 for competition chess & training/practice
When: Most intervals & lunchtimes for social chess. Wednesday afternoon after school for competitive chess and training/practice
Contact: Ms Finnie  [email protected] 

            Need help with Maths?Greg Rosenke Djwvzy4pkgu UnsplashMaths teachers will be available to help you with your homework, any in-class work you didn't quite 'get', and assist with studying for upcoming assessments and exams.

Who: All students welcome, Just turn up.
Where: School, B13
When: Every Wednesday 3.15pm - 4pm 

Waitākere Book Club If you love reading books, talking about books, and learning about new books, come along to the library, bring a book you are reading, or an old favourite, and think of three things you could say about it to the group.
Who: Open to everyone.
Where: School Library
When: Lunchtime on Thursdays
Contact: Mr Marshall

Environmental Council1  Falnzwerkgz Zp 6gwkea

Come and join the Environment Council if you are interested in the environment, climate change, sustainability, and making a difference towards a clean, green school
Who: Open to all year levels! 
Where: School, T2
When: Thursdays at lunch time
Contact: Ms. Sydenham [email protected] 


Enjoy playing instrumental music with other students. We play film music, classical music, and popular themes.

Who: Need to be playing an orchestral instrument. Need some experience.
Where: School, Music Department M1
When: Every Wednesday 3:10 - 4:30 P.M

                       Philosophy ClubIstockphoto 172202424 612x612Have you ever wondered how you can be certain you can know anything for sure? How to treat others in the right way? Why you think, therefore you are? If you're interested in discussing these and other questions and being introduced to some of the great names and ideas of philosophy. Who: Years 12 & 13
Where: School, D11
When: Every Friday at 3.15pm
Contact: Mr Marshall  

Waitak LGBTQI+ ClubLgbtq

Who: All staff and students are welcome! Come and create a safe place and supportive space for rainbow staff and students.
Where: School, B11
When: Meet twice per term, keep an eye on the Daily Panui for dates.
Contact: Mr Farquhar
[email protected]

Pasifika Study NestTapa Cloth Samoan

Who: Year 11-13 Pasifika Students to study, catch up on school work, get their credits up to date. Staff from most subjects are there to help each week. Students at Nu’utoa - Med Sci, TAPA, MATES
Where: School, C Block
When: Every Wednesday 3.05pm - 4.30/5.30 pm

Hip Hop DanceHip Hop

Free dance classes run by ZEAL.
Who: Anyone can join. Please bring dance gear/PE gear and drink bottle.
Where: School, Dra 2
When: Every Monday 3.30pm - 4.30pm:                  

                            Ball CommitteeBall CommitteeThe Ball Committee design and create the year 12 & 13 ball. They decide on the theme, feel, music, food and decorations for the night.
Ball Committee is made up of year 13 students and a couple of year 12s.
Miss McFall will advertise through google form in term 1 so keep your eyes peeled on your school emails for the link.

 Organic Gardening (Te Māra o Rongo)Gardening

 Currently on hold - the garden needs a huge makeover after new classroom construction…
Who: All welcome
Where: Usually in the Horticulture Cage
When: Currently on hold
: Ms. Sydenham [email protected]                        

PPSPPeer Support

Where: Details coming soon



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Is there another club or group you know of that is not listed here?
Please send details to Ms. Zidich [email protected] to have it included on the website.