Abigail Foster on US Scholarship

Abigail Foster applied for a scholarship as an exchange student after competing in the 'Language Perfect World Championship', which was made possible through Abigail's French class. Abigail required glowing references from her teachers to get her to the final 10 candidates. Also, an intense 3.5 hour interview with a co-ordinator from NZIIU who fund the scholarships, covering all the pro's and con's of six months away from home. Then a congratulations email arrived a few days later stating she had won a $4000 scholarship and would make a perfect candidate as an ambassador for NZIIU.

Abigail will head off to America next August to live with a host family for six months, and attend a High School as a Grade 11 student for a semester, to soak up all there is American from culture, food, religion, the education system and environment, experiencing the full-on American love for their annual holiday festivities such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years etc.

Abigail says: "A massive thank-you to NZIIU for this incredible opportunity, my French teacher Ms Jarbeau, Ms McLeod and Mr Tuisamoa for believing in me. What an adventure it will be – Abigail Foster."


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