On Monday the 14th of August, Waitakere College welcomed Golriz Ghahraman from the Green Party, Phil Twyford from the Labour Party, Cinnamon Whitlock from the Māori Party and Chris Penk from the National Party for a political event called ‘Waitak Youthquake’.

This event was student led by Eiréann Diggins, Connor Te Hei, and Danielle Shannon with the help of Deputy Principal Shona Smith.

With the 2017 General election approaching it was an event to press the importance of voting for their year 12’s and 13’s as well as answering student questions about some of the proposed policies. Year 13 student organiser Eiréann Diggins pointed out that a third of their year 13 student body is eligible to vote this year and those who aren’t certainly will be by the time the next election comes about.

The overarching message of the event was not about choosing a political side. Instead Eiréann said it was about inspiring Waitakere College’s students and letting them know that “It’s time for your voice to be heard, it’s time to make your vote count and it’s time for a Youthquake”.

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