We’ve shown academic and sporting success across many codes, hosted development days for local intermediate students, produced a great school show, held one Art Exhibition and are planning another, and launched our Charitable Trust ‘the Waitakere College Foundation’.

Former students Shayne Elliott (now CEO of ANZ Australasia) and Dr Malvindar Singh-Bains visited to inspire current students, and we have made good progress on the building projects around the school to upgrade our Engineering Academy workshop and other facilities.

Read about our involvement in the local Community of Learners (COL) ‘across-schools’ cluster that aims “to create a community in which learning is engaging, empowering and successmaking for our diverse population, where no student is left behind”. This fits our College’s guiding tenets of Achievement for All, and Innovation, Excellence and Choice, and we are excited that the Waitakere COL is now recognised as a benchmark for other clusters of schools in New Zealand.

In June and July we welcome visits by families wishing to enrol their children at Waitakere College – please phone 836 7890 to book a school tour.

Mark P Shanahan


Waitakere College is a successful mid-sized secondary school located in the heart of West Auckland.