Curriculum Management 


Classroom Interruptions

Curriculum Structure, Provision & Delivery

Education Outside the Classroom

ESOL Policy

Monitoring Student Achievement

Reporting to Students and Parents

Special Needs

Sport and Physical Activity

Responsible Use of Digital Technology and the Internet

Star Policy

Work Experience

Documentation & Self Review

Policy Development Process

Policy Self Review

Trustee Code of Behaviour Policy

Personnel Management 

Allocation of Units



Day Relief

Equal Employment Opportunity


Performance Review Cycle

Performance Systems Overview

Personnel Management- Overarching policies

Police Vetting

Professional Learning

Registration of Teachers

Return to Work

Staff Appointments

Staff Causing Concern

Staff Demeanour

Staff Leave

Staff Scholarship


Finance & Property 

Board of Trustees Bank Accounts and Investments

Financial Management Overview

Funds Application and Donations Policy

Hire of College Facilites

Property Maintenance

Property Management

Reporting of Expenditure

School Donation, Subject Fees and Incidental Fees

Trading Accounts 

Safe, Physical and Emotional Environment 

Administration of Medication

Alcohol and Drugs (Illegal Substances at School)

Civil Emergency

Communicable Diseases

Food and Nutrition

General Health and Safety

Harassment Prevention

Interviewing of Students

Pandemic Plan

Sexual and Physical Abuse

School Trips Overseas

Sexuality Education

Student Management and Discipline Procedures

Traumatic Incidents / Sudden Death Within the School Community

Legislative Compliance 


Community Consultation

Conflicts of Interest

Principal's Performance Review

Privacy and Disclosure

Reinstatement of Suspended or Stood Down Students

Stand Downs and Suspensions

Treaty of Waitangi

Attached Units, Inclusion Support Centre 

Charter Statement

Complaints Procedure


IEP Process for Students in ISC

Medication Storage and Administration

Privacy Storage of Information

Referrals to Outside Agencies

Staff Induction

Use of Volunteers

International Department 

International Fee Paying Students

Policies Managing Agencies

Policy Managing Fees

Refund Policy

Disciplinary Policy




Waitakere College is a successful mid-sized secondary school located in the heart of West Auckland.