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Auckland Is In Level 3. Online Learning Finished 26 November, 2021.

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COVID19 Updates

COVID19 Updates

Covid19 Symptoms To Be Aware Of
Waitakere Health & Safety Protocols





Kia Ora Students, Parents, Whanau and Aiga.

Thank you once again for supporting your sons and daughters, tamariki and mokopuna in our last week of a Hybrid Learning Model.
Thank you for supporting a successful return to school for all staff, and our Year 10 and 9 students.
Thank you all for following the Student Level 3 Return to School Protocols.
Students have responded very well to operating and learning back on site and being able to socialise with each other under the protocols.

Our student survey of vaccination status indicates very high vaccination rates. This fact coupled with good Health and Safety protocols ensures that the school is able to function safely.

We all appreciate, with Covid in the community, that we will respond appropriately if  a situation arises but as in other schools the level of response is very flexible and we will take the appropriate measures needed.

If you have not yet completed the survey please do so by following this link HERE

Parents and Whanau - please contact the school by phone ph 09 836 7890 instead of coming in.  This helps reduce contact risk from outside the school ‘bubble.’ Thank you

Learning in week 7  29 /11 - 3/12
Online Learning from Home ceased on Friday 26 November, 2021. Teachers will now have as their focus kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face - mask to mask) learning in our classrooms.

Teachers will place their lesson objectives and some work in their Google Classroom as they teach the students in their on-site classroom. Students at home may follow and engage but the focus for learning is onsite.

The timetable will follow the same pattern as in Week 6. School will start at  8:45 am, and end at  2:30 pm with two 25 min breaks 

Monday 29/11/21 is Day 3 (again)
There are no Weekly Reports issued for week 6 with the last Weekly Report for Week 7 produced on 4 December, 2021. There is no late start on Wednesday mornings, 8:45am start. 
The last day for students onsite this term is Friday 10/12/21. End of Term 4.

Year 9 Selecting Subjects for 2022
Year 9 students should now be choosing subjects for 2022. This is done through the student or parent portal on the school website. An email has been sent to all Year 9 students and to parents showing what subjects are available and how to enter the choices. The deadline for this is Tuesday November 30.

Returning loan devices for Year 11-13 Students
Loan laptops and chromebooks need to be returned asap. If you need to keep it longer - fill out this form HERE

Everything on the laptops will be erased, so ensure that everything students want to keep is backed up through Google Drive or another storage device.

If students are leaving Waitakere College at the end of 2021, their school Gmail account will be disabled in late January, this means anything digital that they want to keep they should make a copy of and store separately - eg with the Google Drive of a personal Gmail account.

Hand in your Laptop, your charger and your laptop case (if you received one).
Hand it in to Sue in the Accounts Office or Kay at the Front Office
There will be a sheet to fill out to say that you have returned everything and to let us know about any issues with the device.

If students want to keep their laptop for a bit longer to help study or complete internals, they can request this by completing the form linked below - they will need to explain the reason why they need to keep it for longer, and identify the date that it will be returned, before the end of the year.

Click HERE for the form.

At the start of 2022 we will be able to provide some students with laptops again. Any questions, please email Mr Devenish, Deputy Principal on [email protected]

Caring & Hauora

The following celebrations of success at Waitākere College have been or will be held online in the coming weeks.
The celebrations will be released online via the college's website. Look for the link called ‘Let’s Celebrate’ on the front page or under "School Info".

Congratulations to all the award winners in the Mana Māori Awards, Pasifika Awards, and the Sports Awards all held over the last two weeks. These can be accessed via the school website’s front page and are about 30 mins long for excellent viewing.

Mana Māori Celebration   Completed
Pasifika Celebration         Completed
Sports Awards                  Completed
Arts N Culture Awards     Thursday 2 December 7pm
ISC Celebrations               Friday 3 December 9am
Senior Prizegiving            TBC
Junior Prizegiving            TBC
SHINE Prizegiving            TBC

Once again I refer you to our College Counsellors who are available via email [email protected] and I include the Youthline number 0800 376 633 for your reference, or text 1737 for any guidance needs that may occur.

We also have one of our school counsellors on site each day. 

This too shall pass

Mark P Shanahan

Stay up to date HERE on our Covid Updates page, and make sure you follow our Facebook page HERE or our Instagram page HERE.

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