Waitākere College

Curriculum & Subject Options

Now is the time for you to start making decisions about courses for next year. It is  important that you consider carefully the pathways open to you at school and where they lead to in the working world beyond. Click on the below booklet, as this is designed to help you with this. 

Introduction Senior Options Booklet 2021

The Curriculum Map in this introduction will help you to see where each subject goes  within the school and the subject choice guidelines will enable you to see what is needed  for entry into tertiary courses and various vocations. 

Curriculum Map

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Waitakere College 2020 Curriculum Map

Option Descriptions

Commerce 2022

English 2022

ESOL (English For Speakers Of Other Languages) 2022

Financial Management 2022

Health And Physical Education 2022

Humanities 2022

Languages 2022

Mathematics 2022

Performing Arts 2022

Sciences 2022

Technology 2022

Visual Arts 2022

Vocational Pathways 2022