Waitākere College

Learning Support

We assess each student’s literacy and numeracy levels at the start of Year 9 and monitor their progress. Our aim is to raise students’ results by at least two sub-levels in the AsTTle test each year, more than the normal rate of progress – a goal which we are now achieving for almost all students.

Our Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators work with staff to lift student achievement in these areas.

Our Learning Support Department:

  • places students in classes that meet their learning needs
  • works with students who need intensive support in reading, writing and mathematics
  • provides Teacher Aides to work with students in classrooms
  • offers tutorial help to students who need more assistance
  • offers specialist reading classes in Years 9 and 10
  • offers peer tutoring where senior students work with students who need help with reading
  • offers constructive support to students whose behaviour affects their learning, working with students, caregivers and whanau in a range of ways
  • provides access to external agencies where appropriate.