Waitākere College

Bus/Transport Information



Students must meet all 3 of the following eligibility criteria to get school transport assistance;

  1. The school must be the closest school.
  2. Be at least 4.8km from the school (from roadside gate to schools front gate)
  3. That there is no suitable public transport options within 2.4km (from both roadside gate and closest school)

Waitakere College is part of the West Auckland Cluster Bus Plan. A number of West Auckland Schools will be using the same buses and the funding for the bus routes is controlled by the Ministry of Education.

There is a transfer station at Starling Park in Ranui, where most students will have to change buses depending on the secondary school they attend.

The three routes available to Waitakere College students are:

Bethells:   M.O.E route number 1616

Wairere:  M.O.E route number 1975.
Please note that there is now a charge for using this service of $3 per ride or $25 for 10 Trip concession card. The driver will accept cash and tickets can also be purchased from the Ritchies office Mon – Fri 4:30-9pm with cash or EFTPOS.
There are several alternative transport options possible. Students can catch:

  • Auckland Transport bus 146 from Waitakere train station which drops passengers at the end of Rathgar Road (Universal end).
  • Auckland Transport bus 146 from Waitakere Train Station get dropped off at Swanson Train Station and catch the train to Sturges Road.
  • The Scenic Drive bus on Scenic Drive before it meets Te Henga Rd.

Scenic Drive:  M.O.E route number 1628

Click here for routes of these M.O.E buses.

Some students who catch these buses will be eligible for school transport assistance.

If the student is ineligible, they may be able to catch the bus if there is room.

We also have another school bus service available for Waitakere College students which is fare paying but subsidised by Auckland Transport (AT):

West Harbour:   Route 050

Click here for the route.

Other public bus services in the area may be available; Go to Auckland Transport’s website: at.govt.nz
Click on their link Auckland Transport Journey Planner to plan your journey.

You may also download the AT mobile app for your electronic devices.

Travel by train is an alternative. Where possible, we encourage students to walk or ride their bike to school.

For cheaper fares go to AT website which has information on how to get a student AT HOP card.

Click here to view the cheapest fares with AT HOP.

For further information about our College buses, contact Reception on 8367890 Ext 810 or 813 or phone Ritchies directly