Waitākere College

Gifted and Talented


Gifted & Talented - where students don’t 'do' comfortable, but are courageous to challenge the unknown and expand their skill set.

Shine stands for:

S - Self management

H - Hauora

I - Innovation

N - Nexus

E - envision

The Enrichment core class is part of ‘SHINE’, our integrated programme of developing the talents, abilities and gifts of students. The aim of our ‘SHINE: Enrichment for Excellence’ programme is to ensure that students who already stand out, really shine and achieve their potential.  We identify students with special abilities in academic, artistic, cultural, sporting and leadership areas and help them to pursue their aspirations.

Our multi-faceted approach provides a wide range of challenges and opportunities:  Enrichment classes: a streamed core class for students who wish to take up the challenge of differentiated and a problem solving based curriculum, enhanced by varied enrichment activities. Students will be offered a range of opportunities; from workshops to trips, guest speakers or exploring new skills.  We plan and deliver learning challenges at the appropriate level to extend our students by requiring higher order thinking skills. Explicit teaching of transferable learning strategies; improving performance by understanding how we learn and strategies to become more effective learners.  Individual planning for achievement and development, regular goal-setting and focus on achievement targets.  Developing abilities to focus, set goals and exceed them.