Waitākere College

Gifted and Talented


Enrichment for excellence programmes for the gifted and talented.
The aim of our Shine enrichment for excellence programme, is to ensure our gifted and talented students, who already stand out really shine and achieve their academic and personal potential.

Our Key Objectives

  • High achievement
  • Innovation
  • Nurturing
  • Excellence
  • Success

Our Approach

  • Enrichment classes 9A, 9S, 10A and 10S are streamed core classes for our more able academic students providing a differentiated and challenging curriculum enhanced by varied enrichment activities. These range from small workshops to trips, guest speakers or exploring new skills
  • Cross-curricular topics to enrich and give deeper learning. Study in greater depth and wider context, with recognition of the faster pace at which more able students acquire knowledge
  • Explicit teaching of thinking skills and transferable learning strategies; improving performance by understanding how we learn and strategies to become more effective performers
  • Individual planning for achievement and development. Developing abilities to focus, set goals and exceed them
  • Special provision for students identified as having talent in a specific area; subject areas, arts, culture, sports, leadership.