Waitākere College

Vocational Pathways

The vocational Pathways department offers excellent programmes that help our Gateway and Academy students build on their skills and knowledge and hands-on experience to connect education with employment and/or pathways for further training.  Our tools and resources provide opportunities for students to explore their strengths, interests achievements and future goals to prepare for future study options and job opportunities.

The pathways provide clear study options that are valued by employers and show you what employers expect you to achieve in your learning.

All of the Vocational Pathways identify skills that employers across all sectors value. Literacy and numeracy credits can apply to any pathway because English and maths skills are essential across all pathways. 

A key purpose of Vocational Pathways is to help students gain a better understanding of how the skills and knowledge gained through NCEA apply to the world of work. Therefore helping students by aligning standards that can be achieved through NCEA with six broad industry groupings. 

Click the image below to view our Vocational pathways brochure.

Waitakere Vocational Pathways Booklet Red (1)