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My Spirit Of Adventure Trip

Year 13 student Sydney Klontrong's epic 10-day sea voyage


Spirit of Adventures is a 10-day youth voyage, and my experience with them was amazing. I walked onto the ship with regrets and walked back out with none.
On this voyage, I got to meet so many amazing people and made 40 new friends and created some life-lasting memories with them.

The ship departed from Princess Wharf and we sailed to Musik Point, Ponui Islands, Colville Bay, Great Barrier, Mohunga Bay, Pat Abercrombie, Mohunga bay, Port Fitzroy, Dispute cove and Kowa Island.
Every day would start at 6:30 am with a morning swim by jumping off the ship. Straight after that, we had breakfast and went straight into cleaning.
Once all the boring stuff was done, we would spend the day doing activities in our groups, my group was called StarBoard B. Together we did activities like tramping, mast climbing, rowing, bonfire, beach games, and fun night activities like karaoke.
The food that we were being fed was amazing, mac n cheese, lamb roast, nachos, pancakes, and brownies.

I was also fortunate enough to spend my birthday with them, and they surprised me with a birthday cake and card that was signed by everyone.
We got to see some beautiful views, especially at night. I also saw dolphins, whales, and penguins!
This 10-day voyage definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone but learning new things, the experience, and the memories being created makes it all worth it!

Written by Sydney Klontrong

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