Waitākere College

Latest BOT Meeting

The new Board of Trustees has now had two meetings in September and November. As parent Representatives, they are the Governance branch of the College.

The Board continues to represent the wide-ranging spectrum of our community and is involved in a range of employment areas to bring their different experiences to the role of Governance.

These are areas such as education, both in schools and tertiary institutions, Waipareira Trust, town planning, and emergency services management (FENZ).

The board oversees the implementation of our Strategic Plan and monitors progress on a regular and annual basis. 

The College appreciates the time and energy that our Trustees put in to ensure we remain a highly effective school delivering on our Strategic Goals for our students, staff, and parent whānau community.

Photographed are (clockwise from left)
Mark Shanahan, Steven Bishop, Raj Maharjan, Lalomilo Tausa, Ina Sufia,Tara Boreham, Joanne Catchpole
Absent; Ace Kipa, Rebecca Hopkins, Board Secretary Suzanne Grivelle and Student Representative Sarah Opetaia