Waitākere College

Year 9 BBQ 'Meat & Great'

The Year 9 BBQ last night was a fantastic evening where parents and Whānau met their child's tutor class Teachers, Deans and senior leadership team members.

It was a fantastic opportunity for students and their families to make connections and build on the relationships between teachers, students, families and friends that will help their child to thrive over the next 5 years in their High School journey.
Our new prefect team showed us what an amazing team they are as well as the ultimate BBQ masters!

After presentations by Principal Shanahan we were introduced to Year 9 Deans and each of the Teachers which was a great opportunity for parents to learn how the school works, our values and procedures as well as lots of practical ways to support students and help them keep on track using their student planners.

Thank you to all who could attend.