Waitākere College

Community Workshops For The Changes To Planning And Reporting

The Ministry of Education are holding face-to-face ākonga, parent, whānau and community workshops, where they will be talking about planning and reporting. The programme, Te Whakangārahu Ngātahi | Planning Together, is focused on preparing for the upcoming changes to planning and reporting legislation and requirements.

They would like to share these preparations with you, to not only ensure you are in the know but also to gather your feedback on the proposed supports - e.g. the tools, resources and support channels to be developed. They need your voice and help co-creating these supports, to ensure they are fit for purpose and add value where it is needed.

The workshop will be held Wednesday 29 March  from 6 – 8:30 pm
Henderson Intermediate School: 70 Lincoln Road, Henderson

If you’d like to take part in either of these workshops, you can email [email protected] to register your interest. Food and drink will be provided, and they look forward to seeing you there.

Further information on planning and reporting and the consultation process can be found here: Te Whakangārahu Ngātahi: Planning Together for Ākonga Success – Our School, Our Community – Conversation space (education.govt.nz)