Waitākere College

Education Perfect ANZ Maths Championship

2023 Waitākere College Results

Waitākere College placed 53rd overall globally out of 1,563 schools
24th place in New Zealand out of 460 schools
14th overall in the 1001 - 2500 Students Category out of 180 schools
8th in New Zealand for the 1001 - 2500 Students Category out of 55 schools


Student Individual World Rankings

Wendy Guan 145th
Jaedyne Mayion 146th
Aarac Winslade 281st
Jazmyne Mayion 660th
Risha Singh 770th
Paras Patel 1,129th
Dana Dagalet 1,138th
Ryza Palecpec 2,389th
Sam Lemafa 4,184th

Congratulations to all the students involved!