Waitākere College

Language Award Winners

Today we celebrated the Top Language Awards winners for the year. These students competed in 2 competitions; The World Languages Competition and the NZ Languages Competition.

Our Waitākere College students have stepped it up this year and showcased their amazing multilingual abilities. They enabled us to achieve 52nd in the World with 2530 schools competing - up from 80th last year. We also achieved 4th in New Zealand with 580 schools competing - up from 5th place last year.

World Languages Award Winners 2023

First Name  Surname           Award
Jaedyne       Mayion               Elite
Wendy         Guan                  Elite
Jazmyne      Mayion               Emerald
Tracy            Zhou                  Emerald
Kevin            Lim                    Emerald
Kalita            Tautaiolevao      Gold
Charley        Ridling                Gold
Devanshi     Kumar                 Gold
Kashvi         Kumar                 Gold
Sophie         Lim                     Silver
Helen           Kasung               Silver
Aarac           Winslade            Silver
Christina      Pritchard             Silver
Ilyaas           Noor                   Silver
Cy                Florendo            Silver

NZ Languages Competition Winners

First Name Surname  Award

Tracy     Zhou             Emerald
Sophie   Lim               Emerald
Kevin     Lim               Emerald
Risha     Singh           Gold
Lisa       Uth               Silver
Paras     Patel            Silver
Sina       Nay              Silver
Naomi    Prawito        Silver
James    Blackledge  Silver
Jaedyne Mayion        Silver
Kashvi    Kumar         Silver
Ryza       Palecpec    Silver
Ilyaas      Noor           Silver

Next year, we are looking forward to improving yet again and maybe even reaching number 1!

Year 9 French won also won class of the week as they were the top language class in the school throughout the competition.

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