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Chinese Language Week Celebrations at Waitākere College

Waitākere College was in full swing this week celebrating Chinese Language Week from September 18th to September 22nd. We organized a diverse range of activities aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for the Chinese language and culture among both students and staff.

To kick start the festivities, we initiated a daily practice routine by sending out useful Chinese phrases and sentences to staff and students. Such as: “Ni hao, wo jiao...” – hello, my name is / “Ni hao ma? Wo hen hao!” – How are you? I am good! / “Wo zhu zai xinxilan” – I live in New Zealand / “Wo de zhongwen bu hao” – My Chinese is not good / “Xiexie, zaijian” – Thank you, goodbye

Every lunchtime this week our Chinese classroom C4 was open to all students to explore various aspects of Chinese culture. Activities have included traditional Chinese paper cutting and designing masks and fans, which provided a hands-on experience in the rich cultural heritage of China. On Tuesday, the school featured a special treat with the sale of Chinese snacks under the bubble, allowing students to savour the flavours of China with their lunch.

The week-long celebration also featured intellectual challenges, with a quiz and an Education Perfect competition conducted in Chinese, which encouraged students and staff members to showcase their language and culture skills. Our Year 9 Chinese class had the opportunity to explore and create a visual design of the Chinese characters they had been learning throughout the past term and re-make them out of things they could find around the school to reinforce their Chinese character recognition.

Waitākere College's dedication to promoting language and cultural diversity has been met with enthusiasm from both students and staff. Chinese Language Week has not only expanded students' linguistic abilities but has also deepened their appreciation for the culture and traditions of the Chinese-speaking world.

The celebrations at Waitākere College have exemplified the power of education in bridging cultural gaps and creating a more inclusive and interconnected world.

Chinese Language Week Winners:
Mask Designs - Nanci M and Rikhil P
Fan Designs - Jack U and Tracy Z
Character Creation - Sophie M, Lisa U, Devanshi K
Quiz Masters - Mr Rangiwhetu, Ms Webb, Mrs Samuel, Mrs Meredith and Ms Rogers

Written by Miss Storer and Miss Liu

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