Waitākere College

Senior Guide to End of Year

Important information for all Years 11, 12 & 13 students

End of Year - Years 11, 12 & 13

The formal senior school timetable will end on Thursday, 2nd November with students required to be present until then so as to complete internal NCEA assessment work or to have additional study and tutorial time for external exams.

Year 11 Study Leave and Summer School
    ⮚ Most Year 11 students will be released for Study Leave at the end of THURSDAY, November 2 to
        prepare for external exams.
    ⮚ Some students will be required at Summer School from November 2 to complete the requirements.
        Students will receive an invitation in Week 3 indicating the subjects they will be doing in Summer

Year 12 and 13 Study Leave
    ⮚ Most Year 12 and 13 students will be released for Study Leave at the end of THURSDAY
        November 2. Students are expected to be at home preparing for external exams on the days that follow.
    ⮚ After this day, students are only to come into school for external exams or if invited to Summer School.
    ⮚ If you need to come into the school to get assistance from a teacher then students must:
            ●  Email the teacher in advance
            ●  Come to see that teacher when they would normally have that class
            ●  Wear full school uniform.

NCEA external Exams  MONDAY November 6 to THURSDAY November 30
NCEA exams are compulsory and students must attend every exam they are enrolled for. The school
will phone the parents of every student not attending.

Students are not to leave exams early. If you finish before the exam is over, you must go over your paper until you are confident you have answered every part fully.

NCEA Reporting times
Morning NCEA Exams  8:45  Report to the hall to find out your exam room
●  Sign off your name at the desk by the hall
●  Look on the hall windows to find out your ROOM and SEAT NUMBER
●  Wait outside the hall for instructions
●  Only go to that room when told to
●  Line up at your room with your NCEA Entry slip
● Enter the exam room
Afternoon NCEA Exams 1:15  Report to the hall as above

After exams:
●  The library is not available for students to study in.
●  You need to go home to study
●  Buses will run at normal times - wait quietly at the front of the school for your bus or ride.
Note: Afternoon exams finish at 5 pm so do make travel arrangements ahead of time.

●  Uniform must be impeccable for the exams.
●  Students will not be allowed entry to exams if in incorrect uniform.
●  Expect non-uniform items to be confiscated on entry to exams.

Exam room conditions
This means:
 Bring your entry slip. You cannot enter without this! (Replacement slips can be obtained).
● Sit at your allocated desk. See the chart on the window each day to find this out.
●  Do your own work. Communication in an exam room between students means cheating. You will receive ‘Not achieved’ for all papers and face the consequences from NZQA.
● No dictionaries or translators.
● No food
● No mobile phones or watches – leave these with the supervisor at the front of the hall.

Planning makes Perfect
Firstly - Record when your exams are on in your school planner
● The DAY and TIME (a.m. or p.m.)

Secondly - Plan your study
● Which SUBJECTS and which STANDARDS on which days