Waitākere College

Waitākere College Students Shine at 14th NZ Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2023

Four students from Waitākere College have secured top honours at the 14th New Zealand Chinese Calligraphy Competition held recently.

Caylee Von-Loggenburg and Emily Money participated in the non-native brush pen category and were successful in claiming the prestigious Merit Prize for their outstanding works.

Meanwhile, in the fiercely contested native brush pen category, Linda Li showcased exceptional skill to claim the Third Prize. Adding to the triumph, Zhimo Qiu not only secured a Third Prize in the same category but also an impressive Second Prize in the native hard pen category.

The student's success not only reflects their dedication to the intricate art of Chinese calligraphy but also underscores Waitākere College's commitment to fostering diverse talents among its student body.

The school community extends its congratulations to Caylee Von-Loggenburg, Emily Money, Linda Li, and Zhimo Qiu for their remarkable achievements on the national stage.

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