Waitākere College

School-Wide Writing Progress

Many thanks for all the mahi that has gone into supporting our students to write effectively.
Writer's Toolbox provides evidence of the progress we have made this year. At the end of Term 1, our performance as a school looked like this:1701209331569
And now near the end of the year, it looks like this:End Of Year Progress

The shifts we have made include:

  • Average writing strength has lifted from 63% to 66% and is now in the green.
  • Significant progress in students acting on feedback. In Term 1 students were seeking feedback but many were not acting on it, i.e. they kept hitting submit without making improvements. Students are now seeking feedback and acting on it.
  • The average sentence length is now where it should be, from 15 words to 18 words.
  • Use of precision (dates, names, figures) has improved from 16% to 37%.
  • Fluency has improved, i.e. students are now using more sentence types.

Work-ons for next year could include continuing to develop the use of precision and fluency and focusing on increasing average paragraph length.