Waitākere College

Gateway Success: Students Excel in Service IQ Placements

Gateway is still running and the students are relishing the opportunity to learn new skills.

We had three keen students start their Service IQ placements at Blue Shirts/Warehouse Stationery this week, doing work experience to complete their unit standards and Gateway course this year.
Students (pictured) are Maxim Gulyaev, Anaua Ogotau and Jayden Henry-Otene.

At Warehouse Stationery, they have been handling stock, building displays, merchandising stock, and building kitset furniture. This hands-on work experience also teaches them safety in the workplace, theft prevention, customer service and handling enquiries.

The staff have really enjoyed having an extra set of hands and the students have enjoyed learning new skills and gaining confidence in this new environment.

Other Service IQ programmes we offer in Gateway include;

For Years 11 and 12, the Oasis programme at McDonalds,
For Years 12 and 13 is the retail-based Red Shirts and Blue Shirts (The Warehouse), Seeds (Countdown) and Mitre 10.

If you are interested in enrolling for one of these programmes contact the VCP team in C Block (2024 enrollment forms available still for students) or email Gateway [email protected] or [email protected]