Waitākere College

Tennis Highlights

Written by Mr Van der Westhuizen (Coach)

The Year 9 Tennis team has shown confidence, skill and competitiveness since taking on the sport this term. They have become overcomers in their movement on the court, knowing how to play strategically and assessing their opponents.

Playing drop shots and volleys shows confidence and management off the racquet and ball. Long rallies are taking place and this showed they had to focus at all times. Sporadic moments of competitiveness are visible during the game but sportsmanship prevailed over emotions and decisions to be made. 

Our Parents can be proud of the characteristics instilled in their boys over time. I am proud of you!

This week, the staff also had a blast competing in both doubles and singles sessions, creating an enjoyable experience for everyone. The running across the court and retrieving balls, both on and outside the court, sparked a moment of contemplation among players. They wondered whether requesting a fence extension for future games was worth the cost. Another option was using old punctured balls, but only one could be found. The reader can determine whose ball ended up meters away from the rectangular space with high fencing, following a powerful shot over the tree that ensured no doves were nearby.

A big thank you to the staff who participated – some of us worked up a sweat, while others simply smiled and laughed, enjoying the chance for some fun. We appreciate the initiative to create a memorable morning, driven by the simple joy of people coming together.