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Year 9 Social Studies; Afterlife Museum

Ka mua, Ka muri  
Walking backwards into the future

Throughout human history, diverse groups have embraced varying beliefs concerning death and the afterlife. These beliefs often shape the way people have lived their lives, as well as the rituals they carry out upon a person’s death. 

This term, the Year 9 cohort in Social Studies has been learning about the different afterlife beliefs from around the globe - primarily Māori, Viking, Egyptian, Mayan, and Asia. As a concluding activity, a few Year 9 classes have collaboratively crafted artefacts symbolising these afterlife beliefs. The purpose behind creating these artefacts was to incorporate them into a class 'museum' that provides students a platform to showcase their creative talents. This required students to take responsibility for their roles in the class museum, demonstrating manawanui, a commitment to excellence, and fostering a sense of pride in their work while elevating their mana.

Te ao Tangata

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