Waitākere College

Exploring the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple

Last Friday our senior Chinese students travelled down to Flat Bush to visit the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple. This trip is part of the 3G/4G Festival of Cultural Sharing - the focus of the visit was to learn about the three acts of goodness (3G) and four givings (4G), and how these simple values can help us in our everyday lives. This was an opportunity to raise students’ awareness of different cultures in our local community, promote positive values and encourage connectedness in the community. 

Our students learnt that they can practice the acts of goodness: Do Good Deeds, Say Good Words and Think Good Thoughts. This fits our focus on bullying and Pink Shirt Day next week. If we can say good words and think good thoughts, we won’t be mean to one another. The four givings we learnt were; Giving others Confidence, Joy, Hope and Convenience. It was great to see local Police Officers there, supporting these values and promoting ways that students can apply them when they are faced with tricky choices. 

Our trip to the temple surpassed our expectations, proving worth the lengthy journey from West Auckland. For most of us, we found the 3G4G song particularly captivating. We enjoyed a movie about the Buddha which provided further enlightenment and insight into the ways of Buddhists. We didn’t expect a visit from the local police, they offered insightful life lessons amidst their cool demeanour. Engaging in calligraphy, where we learned to hold the pen, greatly improved our Chinese character skills. The experience of ringing the wishing bell was both therapeutic and amusing as we tried to strike a balance between gentleness and enjoyment. The beauty of the Bodhi trees left a lasting impression on us. The temple itself gave a calming and refreshing vibe, enriched by informative displays about various trees and bells. Overall, it was an unforgettable trip. The delicious food added to the enjoyment of our visit. 

An excellent afternoon was had by all and we look forward to next year!

Written by Kalita, Xiao-Mei, Zayla, Laurie, Kevin and Ilyaas. 

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