Waitākere College

Badminton Teams On Fire

Waitākere vs Waitākere in the final.

Check out final standings of the Western Zone Badminton competition as ALL of our teams go into finals week next week:
Waitākere are in all finals. In the Girls A/B grade and the Boys C/D grade it is Waitākere vs Waitākere in the final. 


Amazing work teams and good luck for finals week:
All Finals are played at the Massey Badminton Hall on Royal Road:
22nd August 

Court 1 Boys C/D Waitakere C2 vs Boys C/D Waitakere C1 Playoff 1st & 2nd

Court 2 Boys C/D Sunderland C vs Boys C/D Waitakere C3 Playoff 3rd & 4th Mixed C/D Sunderland MD vs Girls C/D Waitakere DC Playoff 1st & 2nd  23rd August Court 3 Girls A/B Waitakere A1 vs Girls A/B Waitakere A2 Playoff 1st & 2nd Court 9 Boys A/B Waitakere A vs Boys A/B Sunderland B1 Playoff 1st & 2nd

Big shout out to Mr Rangiwhetu, Ms Judy Chan, Miss Jarbeau for taking the teams every week as well as Ms Finnie and Miss Weston who have also helped transport the teams to the games.