Waitākere College

Book Of The Week - Kia Kaha: A Storybook of Maori Who Changed the World, By Stacey Morrison and Jeremy Sherlock

A powerfully illustrated storybook for the tamariki and rangatahi of Aotearoa New Zealand celebrating Māoritanga! KIA KAHA is a collection of true stories about amazing Māori who have achieved incredible things.

Each of them blazed a trail in their own way, and this pukapuka was written to show that with your kura huna, your special gifts, YOU can make a difference too.  KIA KAHA is a very special book for the young people of Aotearoa. Featuring people and groups both historic and contemporary, who have achieved great things from land marches and language revival to hip hop and contemporary Maori fashion design, this pukapuka will fill readers of all ages, and from all walks of life, with aroha, whanaungatanga and hope for our future. Kia kaha - be strong, go hard!