Waitākere College

Class of the week - BT's 9HMT

BT's 9HMT was one of 4 winning classes this week

I can hand on heart say I have never taught such a cooperative, uplifting group. I am very pleased we have started Class of the week again because I really wanted to nominate them! The way that they have supported each other has endlessly impressed me. 

Our class was the first hit by Omicron, we have had students coming and going for the last 6 weeks. Even so, every student has finished their practical project! This is undoubtedly because the students who had been at school volunteered with pure kindness, to help the ones who had been away by helping me show them what to do. As students have come and gone they have maintained this, each, in turn, helping to teach the next. They are so trustworthy and sensible, and teaching each other has strengthened their learning. I am very pleased we have one more project to do! And hope these amazing students pursue Technology options in the future. - Ms Bunt