Waitākere College

First Aid for Vocational Pathway students

Our students had the opportunity to learn how to save lives in a fun and interactive environment. The experienced and qualified facilitators from First Training delivered the course using scenario-based interactive learning. The fake blood and injury scenarios were a highlight for students, which gave them realistic scenarios to learn from.

The cost for the course is estimated as $150 per student, which the Vocational Pathways Department pays.

Students receive:
4 Credits - 2x Level 1 and 2x Level 2
They learn CPR, how to use a defibrillator, how to assist when they come across car accidents, workplace or school accidents, and, most importantly, how to keep themselves safe.
Students that have a 1st Aid certificate have the advantage of being qualified with this certification, one less thing an employer needs to worry about.

Every student within the Vocational Pathways programmes is required to take a First Aid course before starting their work placement or tertiary classes at Unitec, NZMA.

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