Waitākere College

Mangere Mountain Geography Trip

We were guided around the maunga by two informative guides who taught us about the volcano and the connection to Māori after the eruption.

On Monday 15th August, the two Geography 101 classes visited Mangere Mountain.  
Mangere Mountain erupted 17,000 years ago and later became a settlement for the Te Ākitai Waiohua iwi in the 1300s/1400s.

Mangere Mountain wasn't always the name of the volcano to Māori; it was Te Upoko o Mata'oho, which translates to the head of Mata'oho (the Māori God of Earthquakes and Eruptions.)
The Maunga has two lava breaches, lava bombs scattered around and many terraces used for whare.
This trip allowed the tour guides to show us some cultural and natural features to help us with our assessment.

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