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Sāmoa Language Week

Tālofa lava! Sāmoa language week runs from Sunday 29 May – Saturday 04 June.

This year marks 12 years that New Zealand has celebrated Samoa Language Week.

Sāmoan Language week kicked off officially on Sunday 29th May - 4th June. This also marks a poignant part of Sāmoan history, celebrating the 60th year of Independence. The theme for this year's Sāmoan Language week is about the importance of our language and reflecting on our journey to revitalising and maintaining our Gagana Sāmoa.  

Learn some simple words and phrases

  • Tālofa lava: Hello (formal)
  • Mālō le soifua: Hello/Good health
  • ‘O ā mai 'oe? How are you? (to one person only)
  • Manuia fa‘afetai: Good, thank you
  • Manuia le aso: Have a great day
  • Tōfā soifua: Good bye (formal)

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