Waitākere College

Minchae, Korea

My name is Minchae and I've had four years as an International Student at Waitakere College.

When I first came to New Zealand I was scared to speak English in case people teased me but they didn't, they helped me a lot.  The teachers at Waitakere College are really helpful and supportive. My ESOL teacher has helped me a lot with improving my English.

Once my parents travelled to New Zealand to visit me and wanted me to be their travel guide. I was worried that I couldn't guide them and I was lacking the confidence to speak English in front of my parents. I studied hard and learned all about New Zealand and we had a great trip and my parents were happily surprised about the improvement in my English.

I've also had a great homestay family who give me a lot of encouragement and support which has made my time here a lot easier.