Waitākere College

Our Student Centre

Need to collect your child during school hours? If students need a timetable, to see a nurse or to purchase uniform please read on for important info.

Our Student Centre is the main centre for all student matters such as uniform sales, student questions, onsite nurses, students needing a timetable and parents/caregivers collecting their child during school hours if they are sick or need to leave early.

If your child is sick 

  • They must come to the student centre and the nurse will contact you. 
  • You can then collect and sign them out from the Student Centre (Not Reception)
    If your child texts you to tell you they feel sick please encourage them to follow the correct procedure and see the nurse.

If you are picking up your child early from school for an appointment or otherwise

  •  Please write a note in your child's school diary so the teacher is aware and can arrange for the student to meet you at the correct time at the Student Centre.
  • Please do not go to Front Reception, The Student Centre is on the map pictured, You can park on the street and walk to the Student Centre to meet and to sign your child out.

To report absences, please phone 09 836 7890 and select ‘1’ to leave a message. This info is also on the contact us page on the website

To phone the Student Centre please phone 09 836 7890 then select '2'