Waitākere College

Blueprint Dance Competition Win

This year there were 5 schools competing, because of this we had 5 categories, not including the overall winner. We ended up winning EXCELLENCE IN MUSIC PRODUCTION AND MIXING!!

Unfortunately due to Covid - the past 2 years has had a big impact on the performing arts industry. However this year our Dance Leaders Ella Lee, Lottie Tahi, Lathan Pekeur and Athena Li-Watts had the privilege of creating a hip hop dance crew and competing in the Blueprint competition on the first weekend of Term 2's holiday. 

The dance crew is filled with talented and diverse dancers from every year level. Lottie Tahi and Ella Lee were the choreographers of the group where they made different sets that showed individuality can make a community stronger - telling everyone to be themselves through different dance genres. 

"Building the blueprint for the future of a collaborative dance community in Aotearoa" Blueprint is a Hip Hop dance competition that was started by Jaquie Cesan to bring dance students together with the one thing they love most - DANCE! With this, each school had to perform a 3 minute dance to a theme of their choice; all of the choreography had to be student made. They were then judged and given an award for whichever category fit their theme the best. 

Throughout the day we got to do some dance workshops with Allister Salaivao and Taneikah Wescombe where we got to learn some really amazing movements from them. 

If you would like to see this amazing choreography come to the Senior Dance Showcase Week 7, Tuesday 6th September at 6.30 pm held at the school (koha entry).

Written by Lottie Tahi (Dance prefect 2022)