Waitākere College

Free Sanitary Products

The Ministry of Education launched an initiative in June 2021 Providing access to free period products to those who need it in all state and state-integrated schools and kura.

Periodt QueensPeriodt Queen was created by Waitākere College students Anna, Nadia and Cheshna to make the process of ordering sanitary products easier for our students.
Waitākere College Students can fill out a quick form to access these products which are then delivered to the school each month.

All the information and order form can be found on our Hauora/Wellbeing page of the website or on the direct page here 

We know that many families cannot afford period products for their children and young people. This initiative will:

  • Reduce Barriers to access education and support improved school attendance and participation in sports and cultural activities
  • Improve child and youth wellbeing
  • Reduce financial strain on families and whānau experiencing poverty/material hardship
  • Promote positive gender norms and reduce stigmatisation of menstruation

Our Huora/Wellbeing page also has lots of information about our school Nurses, Counsellers, mental health and motivation, services, help and links for all your health and wellbeing needs.